• 10 Random thoughts for the day!

    Randomness can be Amusing LOL

    1. Doberman Pinschers are energetic, highly intelligent and stubborn dogs! Love them to pieces!!!
    2. Cats climb on EVERYTHING!!! You can squirt them with water, you can blow a whistle, you can put a pan on the edge of the countertop and when they knock it off they look at you like “Why did you do that”? Ugh Love them to pieces too!
    3. I hate Litter boxes period!
    4. Fall is a Beautiful time of year in the Midwest (that’s where I live so I can’t speak for other places)
    5. I care about my two little Algae eaters (fish) as much as I do any other animal 🙂 (I thought one was dead the other day and I cried.) But he/she is alive and well!
    6. The Dryer not only eats socks it eats random other things also!
    7. It’s 5 O’clock somewhere and that means Wine time!
    8. Reading blogs, quilting, and wine tasting are fun hobbies!
    9. I can’t wait to go to Europe!
    10. I accomplished my goal of writing a blog post today!!!

    Happy Monday All! Make it a Terrific week!

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. Angie says:

    that darn dryer 😉 🙂

  2. Karry Ann says:

    I have the same kind of dryer. .. I have tasted all my wine and need to get some more. I have a min pin… much the same as a dobbie. .. I dislike fall because winter comes too soon after it…. I wish I had a cat and I will as soon as the Mr knocks off……. and I love your post. Yay for fish that come pack from the dead…. AND my random thought all on my own…….. I have bunnies that live under my house and I can hear them digging in the morning. 😉 ❤❤❤❤

    • Little Lady is a beautiful Min Pin, those darn dryers, for the first time in as long as I can remember I am not dreading winter this year (weird because I used to hate winter) but I don’t have outdoor animals to care for so I understand totally, plus I am not as far north as you. Brrrr. Cats are pains in the but, but I love them anyways LOL. Yay for zombie fish 😀 Bunnies cute 🙂 <3 thank you Karry Ann for reading the blog <3

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