• Choices (con’t)

    We make many different kinds of choices in our lives, like choices for our health or spending.  Everything has a consequence good or bad and we sometimes forget that.  We let “Now” get in the way.

    The other day I heard on the radio that the average American worker spends $11/day on eating lunch out.  That is $55/week or $2750/year.  This doesn’t include the cost to drive out to lunch, or the cost of our time and maybe even our health.  Now what could $2750 do for your life?  Pay down debt, save for a child’s college fund, retirement, or have less worry about paying the day to day expenses?  $2750 could be a nice trip, new wardrobe, retirement money, or any number of things that would be better than the fast food we just ate. We could apply it to a health food budget and bring leftovers for lunch and still end up with more money and better health than eating out.

    Health choices, less expenses, less stress.  A simple life.

    co-written by Brian G

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  1. Andie says:

    Wow! Really good point! It’s a shocking thought! I would definitely be better off if I planned in advance! xx

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