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    My Husband and I have been restructuring our lives lately. Making better choices to have a better life for ourselves. You see in the past we bought things on credit and paid dearly for it just so we could have instant gratification. We’ve been reading blogs on financial topics and how to change how we live and how to still have a life we desire without paying an arm and a leg for it or jeopardizing our future retirement funds.

    Life is full of choices. We can make choices for ourselves or they will be made for us. If we choose to work and pay our bills we can have a good life with less to worry about or we can be dependent on others, including the government, and get what we can.  Now I’m not talking about those hard working people who need help once in a while. We all need help from time to time.

    We can spend our money on our needs (house, car, food, utilities) or we can buy things we want, or think we deserve (new car, purse, toys, video games, entertainment). We can save and make wise choices or, as most of us do, we can be spontaneous and buy it now on credit. You hear, have it your way, you deserve a break today! When we buy things with future funds like on credit cards we pay more for something just because we want it now.  It is not logical but it is the way a lot of Americans live.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t want “things”. We all want things. What I am saying is if we are wiser with our choices in life, we can have the things we desire and have a better life. Just remember making memories with family is very important. More important than the latest gadget on the market.

    Making good choices in your life helps you to have a better life. So you can make the choice to stop living for today, stop trying to keep up with the Jones’. Start making choices that will reduce the stress in your life.  Choices that will give you stability and a future and that will be satisfying.

    This is our humble opinion about making better choices to have a better life. A Simple Life!


    Co-written with Brian G.

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  1. Angie says:

    and a good opinion at that!
    we all got to start somewhere hun – all the best in your new plans <3

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