• Downsizing to Make Memories and Moments

    FullSizeRender (4)Boxes are in almost every room of our house right now! We have made the decision to join the movement to downsize, minimize and lower expenses! There are several benefits of making these changes! I’ve read blog posts about this subject and have seen it on my social media feeds. For my Husband and I it seemed the time is right! We are empty nesters and don’t need the amount of space we once did when we had children living at home. Plus with retirement just around the corner, we’d like to spend time with family and traveling and doing fun things and not maintaining a large home or property. This is also a very huge financial decision. One that will lower our expenses significantly!


    Here are a few benefits we see for downsizing our home and lifestyle.

    Less House Means Less Cleaning

    Right now Hubby and I live in a 4 bedroom 2 ½ bath home, with 10 rooms not counting the bathrooms! It’s just the two of us and our two cats and two dogs. Maybe twice a year, our children and grandchildren come to visit for a holiday. So 90% of the time guest rooms remain empty, being heated and cooled (depending on the weather)! So having a smaller home with fewer rooms and less square footage means there’s less to clean, less rooms to heat and cool and less space to furnish and definitely less time spent and lower stress levels.  A smaller yard means less time spent mowing and landscaping!

    We’ll Own Less Stuff and Our Stuff Therefore Won’t Own us

    Hubby has said “I’m tired of our stuff owning us” this means our time and our money. The more stuff you have the more it owns you because you have to work more to maintain it or pay for it. Our feelings and thoughts right now at this point in our lives are that we want to have less “Stuff” and more “Moments”. Moments with our children and grandchildren, moments traveling to places to enjoy!

    More Time

    As I mentioned above, we want more time to spend with family. Time to watch our grandchildren play their respective sporting events, time to watch them dance in recitals, time to see a school play. Also to have the funds to travel to visit them during these times and others. There is only so much time in the day and we want our days to be spent with family and friends enjoying life. Not mowing three acres, or trimming trees or repairing something or another. Time is precious. We need to spend it well.

    Financial Benefits

    It just makes sense that having less home to pay for and maintain means less expenses. Lower payments, insurance, taxes and utilities. Less spent on decorating and furnishing. Less spent on repairs and general upkeep. A smaller home means more money to spend on enjoying life moments. More in savings to leave for your grandkids and to live in your retirement years.

    Downsizing for us means Right-sizing for our future! It will mean opening a new chapter of our lives with less stress, more time and more fun.

    I think in my heart I knew that “stuff” wasn’t going to make me happy. I realize that more and more as each year passes. That it’s the moments and memories that we make with each other, our children and grandchildren. It’s being comfortable without the fluff! I’ve been watching and reading about the minimalist movement and although I don’t want a Tiny House, I do want a smaller more manageable and comfortable one! One that’s less stressful, less financially straining and one that is homey!

    Making the move to make Memories and Moments! Not Stuff! Not More Things! Just the basics!

    We haven’t moved yet, our current house is on the market! So I will try to keep writing about the journey of the process and progress.





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