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    Baby LoveThe month of February! Ah the month of Love! This month for me means so much more than just Valentine’s Day or that on the 8th is Chinese New Year. Yes this month is a special month in more depth of Love, it’s the highest type of love for a mother and a Grandmother!

    Our son and his beautiful wife are expecting their first child! I am so excited and over joyed! So happy for them both to be brining this beautiful bundle of happiness and joy into our lives. So happy to add one more family member to celebrate the goodness and happiness of a large family! I love my grandchildren so very much and to be adding our SEVENTH is such a blessing. Right now it is even with Three boys and Three girls soon though the boys will win out…for a while at least, until the next grandchild comes along. “Chuckle”

    Yes we are excited to meet our new grandson, to see the looks on his parents faces and on the faces of the other grandparents, the aunts, the uncles, cousins.

    I am looking forward to holding him in my arms. Watching him grow up! (not too quickly though) and to seeing what he looks like. Yes I am looking forward to hearing what his name will be and seeing what color his eyes and hair are going to be!

    Babies are such a joy! I’m so blessed to have my children and so blessed to soon be welcoming a new little life into the family! He will know love, kindness and if I know his parents at all he will know right from wrong and grow to be a respectable man!

    Yes February means love in so many ways for me this year.

    I am blessed!!!


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  1. Angie says:

    How wonderful – congratulations!

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