• Little Things and Little Moments

    Pumpkin patchRecently one of our sons and his wife with their beautiful one year old daughter came for a visit! I was stressed about their visit as they haven’t stayed with us since the baby was brought home! I made sure that the guest room was dusted and vacuumed and the linens were clean! The guest bathroom was scrubbed and a few toiletries were put in if they needed them, along with clean towels! I messaged back and forth about what they’d like to have for meals and what the baby could eat!

    They arrived late on a Friday night! Breakfast Saturday morning, I stressed, (I’m always stressed when trying to please people)! I made homemade sausage gravy, baked some biscuits, cooked some scrambled eggs and sausage patties! I was so frantic and scatter brained that I burned the sausage patties and worried that the gravy wasn’t going to taste good! I was wishing for some “Irish Crème” in my coffee before I had even gotten started!

    Well everyone ate and seemed satisfied, if they weren’t they didn’t let on that they weren’t satisfied. So on with our day. We went to the pumpkin patch and took lots of pictures and had some Cider slushies”. which our granddaughter loved. It was too cute to watch her grab for the cup. She played with the gourds, and slid down a slide and had loads of fun.

    Back home that evening I prepared homemade chicken noodle soup. Not so frantic now this is my element. Dinner!!!

    The best part was sitting talking with my daughter in law as she said to me, “Ya know it doesn’t matter that the sausage was burnt, or things weren’t perfectly in place, what mattered was that you cared. You took the time to get down and play with our daughter and took out pots and pans and gave her a wooden spoon and pretended to cook with her. You cared that we were welcomed and had a good time”. It was the “little things, the little moments” that mattered.

    I truly appreciated her saying those things to me. It meant the world and meant I was doing something right. It truly is the “Little things in life, The Little Moments” that make the biggest differences in people’s lives.


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  1. Andie says:

    Really loved this post! Bought a tear to my eye! The small stuff really does mean the most. Xxx

  2. Tamuria says:

    What a lovely post – and so true, it is the little things that count. I love that your daughter in law told you this and showed such wonderful appreciation. People pleasers (I’m afraid I’m one too) often don’t get to realise that all their attention to detail actually does get noticed. 🙂

  3. Drisana says:

    <3 Love it!! So very true. I this society we have all forgotten about the little things are what matter.

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