• Simplifying Isn’t Always Easy

    It’s been three months since our downsizing move.

    At the beginning of 2016 our quest for downsizing to make memories and moments took some twists and turns and had bumps in the road. Between the time of deciding it was time to start minimalising  our lives and stuff and the actual move, Hubby had lost his job. The new job was 3 hours away in his hometown. Not too small, not to large. A Big Town Small City kind of place.

    So here we are in our smaller house in a smaller town getting settled in slowly but surely. But let me tell you, going from a home that is almost 3000 square feet with a full basement to a ranch style house half the size with no basement has been quite the challenge.

    It has been quite freeing to get rid of the things that probably shouldn’t have even made the move in the first place. Freeing and challenging. What do you get rid of, is it sentimental, does it have value, is it useful, when is the last time we used that? There are so many questions we asked ourselves about so many of the things we kept or got rid of. A lot of it wasn’t an easy decision! Once we did decide to let something go, it seemed to find a home fast. I can say there have been no regrets of the things we have let go of. I’m not saying that everything that is gone now was easy to let go of. I am saying though that it has been freeing! Less stuff means less maintaining, less expenses, less responsibility.

    No we don’t regret the move to downsize. I have missed the old homestead a time or two but honestly not as much as I thought I would. I think now that we’re settling in, we realize how much more time we have to do the things we enjoy instead of having to work around the property to maintain a large house and acres of land. I don’t feel overwhelmed with cleaning the house anymore. Now I only have five rooms and two bathrooms to clean. Where before it was nine rooms plus two and a half baths.

    It hasn’t been easy to find places to put things. In fact just today I was walking from one end of the house to the other looking for the right spot to put things that had been resting and waiting in our spare bedroom. It was kind of humorous because I had just talked to hubby saying, “We’ll need to buy a cabinet for the kitchen to store the extras in!” An hour later I had found homes for the items I was thinking we needed that new cabinet for! They may not be in the spaces or spots they’ll stay in forever, but it’s a start. No extra cabinet needed!

    Simplifying your life, downsizing and ridding yourself of clutter may not be easy all the time. But I can tell you it is very freeing. Simplifying is a load off of your mind of worries and the hassles of maintaining, storing and paying for “stuff”!

    I don’t know who the “Jones” are…I know at one time I wanted to keep up with them for some reason. Now I’m trending with the people who are making their lives more simple. Minimalize their stuff and in turn maximize their lives.

    No simplifying isn’t or may not be easy. But in my humble opinion, it’s so worth it.

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  1. angie says:

    its quite liberating “letting go of things that do not serve us” isnt it.
    looking forward to seeing your new home.

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