• Sunday Afternoon

    mums 2015It is a Sunday Afternoon here in the Midwest, a beautiful Autumn day! The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze. Hubby and our Fur-Kids are all napping in the family room with the Chiefs Football game on the television! I am sitting here in my home office enjoying the breeze through an open window listening to the game and perusing the internet!

    Thankfully today is one of our few “don’t worry about the small stuff” kind of days. The laundry can wait, the vacuuming can wait, the chores can simply wait! Sometimes we all need those days that we take time to just relax and reenergize ourselves! So many times I feel like it’s a non-stop world out there and we go and go until we just can’t go anymore. But when we take time to take in the simple things in life like sitting and watching a football game, napping on a Sunday afternoon, or sitting on the swing on the porch, we recharge our souls. We can recharge our hearts and minds and bodies! When you take time to reenergize and recharge yourself you have more energy to give to others and do the things you need to do!

    Yes for us Sunday afternoons are those times. It could be any day of the week for you! But be sure to take time to relax, enjoy life and take a nap!

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  1. Angie says:

    enjoy hun – i think i need to take a nap too 😉

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