• The Simple Decision

    Sitting here trying to be in quiet contemplation. As much as the dogs will allow! Struggling with who I am and what I want in life. It would seem that by the time you are in your thirties or even late twenties you would have some things figured out. Oh there were times I thought I did. I know things change and people change also. But by the time you are in your 50s, shouldn’t you be settling into life already? I just turned 51 years old this month. I feel like I’m still working things out in life!

    I truly do love living out on six acres. Even though at times I get overwhelmed with the work involved and the cost also! It is peaceful and beautiful and we don’t have neighbors so close we can reach out and touch them! Thankful there are neighbors close enough that if I needed to walk to their house they are within a block or just across the road. Yes when it comes down to it I love where we live.

    The other day I was making my morning coffee and looked out the kitchen window, my immediate thought was, “This is my favorite view in the whole wide world”. I gave pause to that thought as I was sort of shocked to have thought that. I mean, in the whole world? Yes, as far as views go, I love the view out my kitchen window. It looks over our east yard to the treed land that just beyond is a 10 acre lake where the sunrise creates beautiful colors to greet the morning, where the mist rises above the lake and creates the beauty of morning! Where sometimes a turkey or deer or other wildlife will be strolling down the lane! Yes, that is my favorite view in the whole world!

    Last weekend we drove three and a half hours each way to where one of our son’s and daughter in law live for our youngest granddaughter’s first birthday party! Driving always gives me time to think and time for hubby and I to talk things out. I thought about what I’d like out of life and hubby and I talked about our future plans. During my thought time, I was wishy washy about what do I want to be when I grow up. Going back and forth and forth and back again on luxury or simple. Blogging, real estate or working for a company either outside the house or at home. Questions and more questions. With that said, my thoughts, heart and desires keep saying, to keep life simple!

    Simply live! Simply be a housewife. Live on your land, garden, have chickens, cook, preserve, sew, craft. Whatever it is you wish and desire to do it is all right here! Simply eat your own healthy food grown in your own garden raised by your own hands. Go to farmers markets or join a CSA if you don’t want to grow certain things. Buy from local ranchers who have grass-fed beef, pork and chickens! Just make it simple! And with that you can blog about the things you grow, the farmers you buy from, the recipes you use, the how to’s etc.

    While sitting outside the day after our trip and our talks, I said to hubby “Let’s just settle in, let’s just live a simple life and be happy”. So that is the plan. To live simple, work our little plot of land to eat and share, to make homemade meals and crafts. To not be bogged down with all the fancy schmancy of the world and be the semi-country folk we want to be! I am a Simple Life Housewife!

     Last weeks project was a toddler quilt for our granddaughter’s first birthday!

    Quilting 1Toddler quilt1

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love the quilt! Quilting is something I would like to learn in the future (perhaps a future tutorial? *Wink, wink* ). I’m glad I’m not the only wishy washy person who is still trying to decide what to be when I “grow up.” It seems I’m always changing my goals, and never fully focusing on any one thing… you are NOT alone! I too, am hopeful for a simple, inspired life, working from home doing… something lol ;). Please do keep writing about your “simple life,” as sometimes the simplest things are the most inspiring, and hardest for us complicated beings to attain! Much love and light to you <3

    • Thank you Rachel. It truly helps to have a cheering section, encouraging me to keep writing. Telling me that I’m making a difference for someone along the way no matter how small it may be. Hmmm a tutorial huh? I’ll think about that one. LOL Much love and light sent back <3

  2. Jeanette says:

    What a lovely post and I find myself thinking these very same things. Here I am at 42 with those same thoughts of …who am I? and what am I doing? only to finally settle in on…just live simply. enjoy each and every day. spend time with the kids…craft something with my hands…sip coffee and enjoy the changing seasons. dont rush it…just sit back and watch <3

  3. Andie says:

    Loved catching up with your blog again. I think so many of us are still searching for the ‘right spot on’ thing. Maybe some of us are just designed to be ever evolving? Xxxxx

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